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Let's share the benefits of using school themes to improve learning and create classroom excitement.

I've witnessed the challenges that students, teachers and school administrators deal with on a daily basis.

Little excites me more than an opportunity to help with our education systems.

Why is it that some school's "spirit" soars so easily, while others try everything possible and get barely any results?

If we unify the staff and inspire our students we improve learning opportunities. And if you're like most, you'll have tried nearly everything to boost school spirit.

From the Desk of

Bob Sheldon
         A little team building can dramatically improve results !

And of course, all of us want to work, teach and learn in a positive environment.

Convince your school administration that teachers and students excel in a positive environment and you've lit the fuse.

How's your school Spirit ? Can it use a lift ?


Kids without School Spirit


Kids with School Spirit

School Spirit is contagious!

Every child deserves a chance to Excel !

You may be earning your high school diploma through an online school and not using themes that typically focus on topics such as seasons, holidays, planets, colors, weather, presidents, science and lots of other choices.

My themes are different. I name each theme with an acronym related to an educational or character building concept.

The main purpose of a theme is to promote school spirit... and one of the best ways to do this... is to UNIFY both staff and students.

A good school spirit idea is all about being on the same team, and working toward a common goal.

School spirit ideas should also contribute to a students' learning success.

There's something else that lies at the very heart of every great school spirit idea...And it's good ol' fashion FUN!

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Sure, there are many benefits surrounding school spirit ideas (and we'll look at a few of them later on)...but without the fun-factor, school spirit ideas are nothing more than a bunch of boring activities.

Plus, if your school spirit idea is filled with fun, and bursting with excitement you'll have a better chance of more people embracing it.

And that's exactly what you want!

Administrators, Principals, Vice Principals, Librarians, Students, Bus Drivers and Teacher's Aides all agree that school spirit themes inspire and contribute to a very positive learning environment.

With that being said, I'm reminded of one of my favorite quotes.

"I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." - Albert Einstein

(Profound isn't it?)

Set the stage for the upcoming year and get students excited about setting up goals for their educational future.

In addition to creating a positive learning environment, school spirit ideas also...

  • Set the stage for the upcoming year

  • Provide opportunities for individual recognition

  • Develop winning attitudes

  • Develop and foster relationships among students, teachers and parents

  • Develop a sense of togetherness (education family)

  • Keep staff motivated throughout the year

  • Reward positive behavior

  • Build character among students and staff

  • Generate excitement in the community

As you can see, when you have a school showing spirit, great things begin to happen. Not just in the lives of students and teachers, but in the entire school community.

In support of building your school spirit we have designed various school themes for your convenience.

And we invite you to browse through our list of theme packages (singles or specially priced combo's)... and choose what's best for your school.

P.S. Themes are available via immediate download. There's no need to wait any longer. Select your "School Themes" package today, and watch good things happen as your school shows spirit.

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