Graduation Cakes

Now Doesn’t That Just Take The Cake?

No one really knows for sure, but we do know that graduation cakes reward an amazing success – completion of a series of school years.

We all use expressions and often have no idea where they originated.

Hopefully, most of them are memorable, humorous and add to the occasion.

When you take the cake, it means taking first place. It probably came from the days when promenade walks in finery were awarded a cake as a prize.

When you ask a graduate, "Doesn’t that take the cake?" The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Enjoy our home made cake photos.

A Cakewalk

Cakes are simply dessert for celebrations. Cakes celebrate years of successful studies or completion of a single school year.

They often decorate many different kinds of graduation ceremonies. If you took a cakewalk around the various celebratory occasions, you would find grad cakes at: 

  • Special senior year recognition events |Graduation Cakes & More 
  • End of year open houses
  • Class parties
  • Home graduation parties
  • Post-graduation receptions
  • Combination events such as birthdays and graduations
  • School club end of year parties
  • School banquets

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The fact is... graduation can refer to a student moving on to the next level of schooling or... a student finishing school and going to work.

You only finish one year by completing the years before it,  so a 6th grade end of school year party is as justified as a  12th year graduation. 

What better way to say I am proud of you than with a celebration cake specially designed to focus on the graduation activity? And of course this could be a home made cake using a favorite bake cake recipe.

You’re So Sweet

Grandma loves to pinch us on the cheek and tell us how sweet she thinks we are.

Though it might be a little embarrassing, we secretly adore the recognition and the idea that someone loves us just the way we are. 

Maybe we aren’t as sweet as grandmother believes, but what better way to celebrate a special occasion like graduation except with sweet graduation cakes?

Of course, not everyone likes very sweet desserts. It’s hard to believe, but true! 

Grad cakes come in all forms. You can order very sweet cakes with sweeter icing or sugar free cakes with sugar free icing and everything in-between. You might even decide to sponsor a bake sale fundraiser.

There are a lot of choices to make when deciding which graduation cakes will best fit your celebration. 

  • Cake shape
  • Filling
  • Frosting or Icing
  • Cake flavor
  • Decorating style
  • Cake design

Graduation cake designs and decorations are unlimited. Cakes come in the shape of diplomas and mortarboards or football fields or flowers or whatever design suits the event best. 

Decorations can be simple or innovative. They range from no flowers to elaborately decorated confections that represent what you're celebrating.

For example, a senior year winning debate team may have a cake that is shaped like a book and lists each team member’s name. 

Or a graduate cake may have the colors and logo of the college or university you're attending. Photographs can even be incorporated in the decorating. There is no limit. 

Icing On The Cake

Another common expression is “that’s the icing on the cake”. It means that something is the final touch.

Graduations are a major achievement and the “icings” are graduation cakes, giving a final touch to the celebration. Search online for lots of other ideas and pictures of grad cakes. 

You can order the cake depicted in the picture, order a custom decorated cake or even make your own graduation cake.

Online bakeries sell do-it-yourself kits that include special cake pans and decorating tools too.

Maybe we aren’t as sweet as grandmother believes, but what better way to celebrate a special occasion like graduation except with sweet graduation cakes?

Make sure you plan well enough in advance though. Graduation is a busy time and cakes will be in high demand! 

If you're planning for high school, you'll want to plan well ahead of high school graduation theme celebrations.

It’s a well-loved tradition.

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