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  • public school
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  • Juvenile Detention Center
  • Country school, City school
  • Asia, Europe, South America, Down Under, etc.
  • Military Prep School
  • Academy, University, College, etc.
  • ...that promotes or could benefit from promoting, school spirit or school themes... We would like to know about you !

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    There are only two steps !

    STEP 1) Send us (or tell us where it is so we can download) a graphic photo that displays your "School Spirit."

    This picture graphic can be of anything you think qualifies as demonstrating your special school spirit. See a great example from a Middle School in Kansas presented on our homepage.

    Some examples might be:

  • A group photo with smiling faces
  • A school shirt with your logo
  • Cheerleaders, pep rallies, team sports
  • Award assemblies
  • School celebrations, award ceremonies
  • Administrator continuing Ed offsites
  • You get the idea... show off your school, it's unique and special qualities... (and it's characters too) for FREE on our website.

    Yes, send us your best school spirit graphic photo!
    (as an e-mail attachment)

    Note: Have your webmaster or the person sending your school spirit graphic see our technical notes below.

    STEP 2) We're going to post your School Spirit graphic on our school spirit webpage for the world to see.

    You'll establish a link from your school's website to our 'School Spirit' webpage.

    Here's How !

    - Copy and paste our Schoolthemes graphic pencil to your website-

    (right click on the pencil graphic below then save to your computer)

    We have various choices of size to suit your needs.

    Each one links to our School Spirit webpage - That's where we'll showcase your unique school spirit !

    Your School - showcased on our webpage... for everyone to see.

    Tell your friends, neighbors, your classmates across town or across the world.

    "My School Spirit is Showing...
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    I haven't forgotten about the special SECRET. I'll tell you about it in just a minute and it triples your FREE School Theme gift.

    Use our contact us link when you've decided which School Spirit graphic you're ready to forward for posting to our website.

    We'll respond to let you know everything is ready on our end and to coordinate the link from your school webpage to our "School Spirit" webpage.

    OK - you're ready to let us "showcase" your special school spirit. If you haven't already done so... it's time to Review our School Themes...

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    • You can share these FREE school themes among other classes for competition purposes
    • Give a couple away to other friendly teachers
    • Share them among other schools in your district perhaps

    There is no better deal - show off your school spirit by sending us your favorite school spirit graphic to post.

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    Link to our school spirit page or our Homepage from your website... and we'll send you the School Theme of your choice - FREE.

    You don't have to use the secret triple FREE deal - but you can!

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    There are only two easy steps to complete... and we really want to put Your School Spirit on display...

    You may want to visit our what comes with a FREE school theme page ahead of time...

    Just so you know ... What you Get with a School Theme package...

    And all the benefits of promoting School Spirit through School Themes.

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    - Please decide which Free school theme you'd like -

    - Prepare to send us your School Spirit graphic photo - to Showcase -

    - Establish a link from your Website to our school spirit webpage or our Homepage - -

    - And Contact US to begin the process -

    Wishing you all the best in education successes.

    Tech Notes: * Your graphic must not be larger than 100KB (smaller is better, 30KB is optimum) * The file extension format must be .jpg, .png or .gif (lower case only) * We may be able to re-save photos in the correct format and re-size if necessary.

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