An Important Step Towards Success !

College Bound ? Make it happen

College is an exciting time for nearly all students.

The challenges are numerous and new, but so are the promises.

You're finally on your own, able to study subjects that really interest you.

Sure, you have some "must take" core classes that matter too...

But your decisions about studying, selecting a major emphasis and completing assignments...

Now have a direct bearing on your career choice and your probability of satisfaction and success.

Down the road you can change classes, change your major too if need be. The key is... YOU have the decision making power...

And the responsibility for the choices you make.

You're on to Higher Education now... those fond memories of high school fun and games will stick with you but it's time for your next step.

Choosing your school which one? can have it's share of complications...

And you may need some student health insurance however, the benefits far outweigh the choice of any other path.

In the U.S. we call it C-o-l-l-e-g-e, in Canada it's University, in many other countries it's referred to just as Higher or Secondary Education.

No matter where or what you studied I'll wager School Themes and School Spirit had their place.

And here's another great resource - Distance learning online graduate school degrees. - Provides rankings for online colleges offering distance learning programs.

Why College Graduates Succeed

From a pure economic standpoint, university students and graduates fare better in the job market. They obviously have more advanced training and experience in their chosen field, therefore, they're more employable.

And higher education pays - See the numbers !

They have proven to professors and their peers, they have the discipline to finish assigned tasks and meet established deadlines.

University attendance helps prepare students for the rigors of their career choice and provides the required education for entry level and perhaps, advanced employment positions.

The Benefits of a University Education

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Although graduating from higher education is the ideal objective, university students that attend for a few years can also reap benefits from their unfinished education.

Life's events sometimes prevent us from completing our studies and or other objectives. However, those same events sometimes add to our maturity level, and enable us to strike out on a new course.

According to a study completed in 2003, "higher Ed" students earned an average of 62% more than students that didn't go to university.

Those students that earned a Master's degree earned twice as much as those without higher Ed courses... and Doctoral graduates earned three times as much.

While education debts and loans incurred to complete your studies, may seem a bit out of control at times... those that actually graduate from their degree program, have an easier time paying them off.

Other reported benefits of attending college:

  • Lower smoking rates
  • Lower unemployment
  • Increased ability to set and achieve goals
  • Higher standard of living
  • Higher voting participation levels
  • Higher levels of general health

Going to college is about much more than just making more money; you also improve your odds at making a better future, developing lasting friendships, increasing overall awareness and opportunities, setting a positive example for friends and family and raising your stature in the community.

The Degrees You Can Get

That piece of paper certifying your degree... opens doors.

Get your degree, get it framed, hang it where you can share and show your pride of accomplishment.

Go ahead, make some plans. There are lots of online degree choices today. There is a way ! Let your learning begin.

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