Bible School Themes

Bible School Themes – Amazing Stories

The Bible is a fascinating book full of amazing stories about people overcoming odds through their faith in God and important lessons can be taught through related themes.

Characters and stories can lend themselves to interesting projects and activities that can be shared with all ages groups.

Learning should be fun whenever possible and learning about "The Good Book" is no different. Themes can be applied to lessons, crafts, activities and projects throughout the year.

Bible School Themes – Organized Approach

There is so much to teach and like all school instruction, starting with a theme can assist with organizing a large quantity of material. Themes can be broken down into a number of different topics.

The topics picked for each session should be coordinated with the planned activities. Bible schools often offer discussion groups, bible studies, children’s plays, musicals and church presentations.

The themes should fit goals of the coming year. Bible School Themes can be used in a variety of ways.

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  • Sunday school lessons
  • Jewish holiday traditions
  • School crafts
  • Holiday plays and concerts
  • Vacation Bible school
  • Home Bible groups
  • Church bulletin boards
  • Church picnics

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    Themes can be used for more than just teaching religious stories. They can also be used to teach morality and religious values and deal with issues like forgiveness, spiritual healing, thankfulness and decision-making.

    Themes are especially important for teaching children life’s lessons. These kinds of themes include good behavior, helping your neighbor and being a good friend.

    Themes can also lend consistency to a program such that Church activities have a unified purpose. They make lessons and activities fun, which keeps the attention of children. School themes can also be used for children’s activities such as:

  • Puppets that tell a themed story
  • Games that teach a themed lesson
  • Musical choirs that sing themed programs
  • Themed art projects

  • Your themes can also be geared towards any age group. Using themes, very young children can be effectively taught religious studies. Using creative craft projects and songs, children learn about the Bible in a way that makes learning fun.

    This makes it much more likely the lessons will be retained. Older children or even adults can be taught during outreach services and home lessons too.

    Bible School Themes – Important Message

    Bible school teaches all age groups and a unified theme can create a sense of ownership and community.

    Themes can be applied to any lesson plan, children’s activities or even adult groups. There is no boredom when such interesting stories and characters abound.

    Using Bible themes can add the extra touch to your programs. Spread the word through Bible school themes.

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